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Metal framing has always been used in large-scale commercial and industrial projects. Advances in technology have evolved metal framing into a cost-effective and viable option for use within small and medium sized projects as well as for residential construction.
With this rapid growth in metal framing, Rapidwall Ltd. is one of the first UK and Irish companies to fully design and manufacture light gauge metal framing components for use within commercial and residential projects.
Based on proven engineering principles, Rapidwall employ galvanised light weight steel sections to form structural elements of a building. Securely fixed, load bearing internal and external wall frames ensure structural stability.
Designed, produced and assembled within our own factory, components are precision engineered and pre-punched, allowing dimensional accuracy and reducing onsite erection time.

Rapid Wall:
Pre-assembled, pre-cut & pre-measured
Resulting in:
No Waste
No Cutting
No Measuring
& significant time saving for you

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