Metal Framing
Why choose Metal Framing?
Rapidwall Ltd are conscious that a decision to include metal framing in your construction must be based on the product's ability to add value and not cost. Due to the simplicity of its construction, efficiency, strength and its complete cost effectiveness, metal framing is growing from strength to strength. We can manufacture metal framing for any building to exact specifications, eliminating wastage.

Rapidwall simplifies the attachment of all component materials to the steel framing through the use of pneumatically driven screws, offering the same speed of attachment found in wooden framing.

Rapidwall steel framing creates a rapid dry envelope, ensuring that buildings are enclosed earlier, enabling finishing work and internal fit-out to commence.

Additional Benefits:
• Design flexibility
• Superior acoustic performance
• Light weight
• Same visual appearance as traditional framing
• Fewer materials and less onsite labour
• High thermal insulation
• Cost effective

The Rapidwall light steel framing system accommodates panel sizes up to 6m x 3m at thefactory and larger panels on-site.
Stud size requirements are dictated by the progressive collapse, location and room layout for each application.
Each project is designed to achieve both building regulation and client approval.

Panel Features, Accessories & Options
Framed window and door openings
Pre-punched holes for electrical wiring or plumbing
Holes for fitting
Double or triple studs for heavy loadings
Any exterior finish can be applied

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